TFGW | Days 13 & 14 Grand Canyon

April 22 – Day 13: We are staying in Trailer Park Village in the Grand Canyon. It’s a really cool campground. The elk are everywhere!

Good morning! What’s for breakfast?


Hey! Anybody want to play?

We hike the eastern part of the south rim in the morning and take a bike tour of the western part in the afternoon. Even the squirrels get close to the edge for a better view.

1200 YO Tree
WOW! This is a 1200 year-old Utah Juniper.

As usual the pictures don’t do it justice, but we took a lot anyway.

April 23 – Day 14: The one thing Steve says we have to do when we’re in the Grand Canyon is take a helicopter tour. He took one on a previous visit, but at $300 a person, I am the one who is agonizing about spending that much money. My wonderful husband takes one for the bank account and sends me up by myself. I am SO glad he did. It was breathtaking. You can not grasp the enormity and diverseness of the canyon until you see it from above. I take lots of pictures but am disappointed that they didn’t come anywhere near close to capturing what I saw. I take a video as we enter the canyon. I wish I had known that it turned out as good as it did because I would have just videoed the whole tour.

Ready for take off!
Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous!

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