TFGW|Days 19 & 20 San Antonio, TX

We have some of our best adventures by looking at the Atlas, opening Google maps and taking off. Such was the case with Las Cruces. Not so much with San Antonio.

Don’t get me wrong. San Antonio is a beautiful city with lots to see and do. It’s just hard to see and do those things when Fiesta San Antonio is in full swing. Lasting for​ 11 days, it’s an extravagant citywide party.

April 28 – Day 19: The four of us hop in the truck and head for the River Walk. Our plan is to find a place to park, explore downtown and maybe pick out a place to eat dinner that night. As we enter downtown, we are prepared for traffic but not THIS much traffic. Something’s going on. There are cops everywhere. Lawn chairs, coolers and chairs line the street. It’s a HUUUGE tailgate party. I ask Mr. Google what’s going on in San Antonio today. He tells me that The Fiesta Flambeau Parade is taking place today. The highlight of Fiesta San Antonio, it’s an illuminated parade that will be viewed by 750,000+ spectators. Steve and I look at one another. It’s mutual. Let’s get the heck out of here.

What are all these people doing here?
Aren’t we in downtown San Antonio?

We go back to the campground, take a nice walk, and spend the rest of the afternoon chilling and looking at the huge campers that are staying here.

Salado Creek Trail runs right by our campsite. It is part of the roughly 65-mile long Howard W. Peak Greenway Trail System in San Antonio.
Cal, Trixie and Steve doing what they do best.

April 29 – Day 20: It’s Sunday. The River Walk has got to be less crowded so off we go…on the city bus this time. No more fighting traffic for Steve. We eat breakfast at Schilo’s, the oldest restaurant in San Antonio and spend the next couple of hours strolling along the River Walk. Someone we know (Cough. Cough. Young Son) described the River Walk as a big concrete ditch. I happen to disagree but will let you decide for yourself.

Back in the campground, we start preparing for the 3-day drive home. If you don’t see another blog, it’s because we got home without incident. We hope that is the case, but I’m not holding my breath. As we know, life is always an adventure with Steve Fisher. Either way, thanks for reading!






4 thoughts on “TFGW|Days 19 & 20 San Antonio, TX”

  1. Be safe going home. Looks like you have had wonderful trip. I hope first of many. Love you! Thanks for sharing your travels with us, so we could travel and see with you. Your pictures are great!


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