Renovating FNR’s Head

There are lots of projects we hope to complete over the next 3 months. I say “we” but I really mean Steve. He’s the handiest man I know. I help occasionally when he needs an extra set of hands but I can’t take credit for any of the finished projects. Steve started the head renovation on Monday. He finished it today. There are a few finishing touches to add, but to quote my girls, it’s SO fancy! Enjoy the show!!

A shout out to the father of my granddaughter, I mean my son, for the “techy” tutorials.  Having an Instructional Technology Facilitator in the family is coming in quite handy!  Bear with us as I learn and he teaches.

5 thoughts on “Renovating FNR’s Head”

  1. Looks great and I’m very impressed after watching the video dad….Great job. I do have one note to add which my dad (Steve) would have NEVER allowed that shaggy hair in his house so I’m asking Marci to not let my structured father fall in too being an unemployed (ok….retired) bum just because he isn’t reporting to work everyday anymore. Scissors are cheap dad….I remember a ‘moment’ once when my hair was long enough to put behind my ears….there may have been a threat of a haircut at home in there. Anyway, great to read the blog and I love you both. Josh


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