Retiring is Hard Work

We are in our retirement years, the portion of our life during which we are retired. We are retirees. We are retired. We sure are tired. Why are we so tired? Because retiring is hard work.

Once Steve and I finally decide we really can retire, our workload seems to double. We need to sell the house and there are a few things that need to be done around the house before putting it on the market. Once on the market, we sell it quick – on the market on Friday, under contract on Monday.

One step closer to cruising!
One step closer to cruising!

Whew, no rest for the weary.

We turn in our notices, start transitioning our responsibilities to those who are replacing us and have lots of last minute deadlines to meet.

We start packing once we get past the due diligence date. We have a packing plan that consists of six different “packing” piles.

  1. Give away pile
  2. Yard sale pile
  3. Big storage building pile. That’s for the stuff we want to keep but can’t take on the boat.
  4. Small storage building in Oriental pile. That’s for stuff that we need to complete boat projects but that won’t fit on the boat and will end up back in the big storage building once we start cruising.
  5. Going on the boat pile
  6. Trash pile

We memorize a new address and update our address EVERYWHERE. Thank you, L and CB for letting us use your mailing address.

We close accounts, consolidate accounts, and open some joint accounts.

We turn off utilities. The Time Warner Cable rep is at a loss for words when I tell him that I am moving on a sailboat and NO, there isn’t anything he can do to keep my business. LOL, I don’t think he was prepared him for that answer.

We cancel insurance policies.

We agonize about not taking Finley and Rootie on the boat.

We sign up for Social Security benefits.

Once moving aboard FNR, the projects start and the act of retiring continues.

We research and purchase health insurance through the Marketplace.

We transfer our 401k’s to IRA’s.

We create a retirement budget. (Since Steve is the COO, I get to be the CFO!)

Today, Steve works on the galley renovation.

And, I go to work in my new office.

A good internet connection and I can work from anywhere!
A good internet connection and I can work from anywhere!

Retirement. We’ve never worked harder and we LOVE it!!

Whatcha thinking? Cal & Trixie would love to know!

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