C’mon Ana

Subtropical Storm Ana will drift slowly west toward the South Carolina coast through this weekend. Gusty east-northeast winds and rough surf are likely from Cape Lookout south. Locally heavy rain will be possible along with the threat for isolated tornadoes through Monday.Subtropical_Storm_Ana

Well, you have to hand it to Subtropical Storm Ana. Meandering North-Northwest at 1 MPH, she’s a master at puttering. We’re slightly north of Cape Lookout so all we’ll probably see in Oriental is a little rain and gusty winds.

I’m happy that Ana is going easy on us, but I have to admit that I am a little put out with her. She’s tampering with our to-do list.

I spent a couple of days at my old job earlier this week training my replacement. The Oriental 7-day forecast was for upper 70’s and low 80’s with clear skies and we planned to clean the teak and get started on the full enclosure when we got back to Oriental on Wednesday. Perfect weather for those projects until Ana started forming.

Thursday is spent puttering.

I go to yoga class. Oriental has a great yoga studio with lots of dedicated yogis. Worth checking out if you’re ever down this way.  C’mon Ana.

Steve has a new tablet that connects to the GPS, chart plotter, etc. so he can see them from anywhere on the boat. That’s lots of fun to play with.  C’mon Ana.

The mirrors in the head are bowing out so we head to the hardware store to get the parts we need to fix them. We spend quite a bit of time in the hardware store. Hardware stores have lots of cool stuff to look at.  C’mon Ana.

We try to install a fan on my side of the V-berth, but it’s missing a part. Not a problem thanks to Google.  C’mon Ana.

For our daily walk, we walk the docks. That way, if one of those isolated showers pops up, we are close to the boat.  C’mon Ana.

Next thing we know, it’s time to shower and start fixing dinner.  C’mon Ana.

We picked up two bacon–wrapped fillet mignons from Triad Meat Company while in Greensboro. (Also worth checking out.  Good meat and great prices.) Normally, we grill on our onboard grill, but it’s too windy so Steve breaks out our cooktop grill.  C’mon Ana.

Cooktop grill. A must for all cruisers!
Cooktop grill. A must for all cruisers!
Chef Steve. Note the ponytail!
Chef Steve. Note the ponytail!

Friday is overcast, but there’s no rain in the forecast.  Ana, if you don’t mind we are going to work on FNR’s teak.

FNR’s teak has been sorely neglected. It needs a good cleaning and sanding before it can be treated with Cetol. Looking at her, you wouldn’t think FNR had much teak. However, you think otherwise after cleaning, sanding and applying the requisite 3 coats of Cetol.

This is how we clean it!
This is how we clean it!
This teak has never been so clean.
This teak has never been so clean.
A little teak TLC.
A little teak TLC.
Thank God for knee pads!!
Thank God for knee pads!!

We make progress though and since Ana is in no hurry to get here, we may very well make more progress tomorrow.

Winds aren’t as bad today. We have drinks in the cockpit.  Steve cooks chicken on the onboard grill.  C’mon Ana.

Wait, Ana.  I take it back.  Come whenever.  I am not put out with you. This is Zen on a Boat.

C'mon Ana. You have to admit. It's a beautiful day.
Even Ana can’t ruin this beautiful day.

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