Has It Been Six Months Already?

I’m a reflector. Six months in and I’ve had some time to reflect on this liveaboard thing. We’ve figured a few things out. We’ve screwed a few things up. We’ve gotten a few things done.  We’ve missed a few things…other than family and friends, of course. Lots of other liveaboards have shared their lists about how living on a boat is different. Here’s mine…

  • We have not dropped anything of significant value overboard.  We do not consider the two orbital sander dust bags that I dropped and the jellyfish-filled strainer that Steve dropped to have significant value.
  • I have not gotten sunburned or seasick.
  • I have not been hungover…at least not real hungover.
  • We have only had to row the dinghy once.
  • We have only had to have the dinghy towed once.  Steve says the tow was not necessary.  He could have gotten the engine running but since Young Son was right there, it was just easier to get towed.
  • FNR has not been rowed or towed.
  • Steve does a mean grilled chicken.  He grills a quarter chicken breast (bone in and skin on) for about an hour while slathering it with George’s BBQ sauce.  George’s BBQ sauce is made in Nashville, NC and is not distributed nationally.  I miss George’s BBQ sauce.
  • Just because you see a cockroach or two (or three) on your boat doesn’t mean your boat is dirty.
  • Boric acid kills a cockroach or two (or three).
  • We need to add a line item to the budget for K.O. Kills Odors and C.P. Cleans Potties.
  • I need to take more pictures.
  • If you have a port and starboard something that you need to label so you can tell them apart and you put a “P” on one, you really don’t have to put an “S” on the other.
  • No one notices or cares if you wear the same clothes three days in a row.
  • I brought too many clothes onboard.
  • I can’t tell you what day it is if I don’t have my watch on.
  • Being able to make your own ice is a luxury.  Being able to make 3 trays at a time means you can have a party!
  • If duct tape can’t fix it, then a zip tie can.
  • Boat projects are what keep you from getting other boat projects completed.
  • I can cook a casserole in my galley oven.
  • My most popular Google search?  One pot meals.
  • If you’re dirty enough, you’ll shower anywhere.
  • The only time you set an alarm is when you want to make the early bridge opening.
  • I haven’t met a cruiser I didn’t like.  What’s even more amazing is neither has Steve.
  • It’s hard to learn to sail when you motor 95% of the time.
  • It’s even harder to learn to sail when you’re a Dock Queen.
  • You never, ever, ever, ever get tired of having a drink in the cockpit and watching the sun set.

Living on FNR is not glamourous, but it certainly isn’t dull. It is not always fun and games, but it’s usually fulfilling.  It is definitely not what I thought it would be but it’s everything I hoped for.  Yes, we’re six months in and it’s Zen on a Boat.

3 thoughts on “Has It Been Six Months Already?”

  1. Just came over to say “hi,” and to let you know I just revisited a comment you left on Sailing Chiron’s blog recently that sent me to Waterway Guide Magazine to learn something about on-deck communication. Thank you for the referral to the “Boat Whisperers” article. I’m going to make my wife read it. Then, and more importantly, I’m going to make her make me reread it.

    Your six-month residency on FNR is about 4 1/2 months further along than ours on our boat, Meander. So it behooves me to follow your blog in order to find out what comes next.

    Meanwhile, of your list of findings at the half-year mark, this is the one I like best: “Boat projects are what keep you from getting other boat projects completed.” I only wish I said it first. 🙂


    1. Mike: Thanks for checking us out. We love it when fellow cruisers visit! I look forward to reading about your adventures on Meander. With another day and a half of rain in the forecast, I now have something to do!




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