TFGW | Days 6 – 8 Moab, UT

April 15 – Day 6: The four of us visit Arches National Park to see a few of the more than 2,000 natural sandstone arches. It’s a beautiful day and the pictures speak for themselves.

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April 16 – Day 7: Canyonlands National Park is next. There are four districts in the park. We visited Island in the Sky, a huge, flat-topped mesa with panoramic overlooks. I was a little freaked out because someone likes to stand a little close to the edge.

Don’t worry, honey…
…the insurance policy is paid up.

I finally gave up worrying about him falling and did a little exploring on my own.

Yikes! I had no idea there wasn’t anything underneath me.

It was overcast so the pictures aren’t as crisp but still pretty impressive.

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On the way out, we had to wait for the cows to go home



When we lived on FNR, we quickly came to the conclusion that we were Dock Queens. After a couple of days visiting National Parks, we realize we are half-day park people. We go, we look, we leave. This is actually a good thing since Cal and Trixie aren’t allowed in National Parks. Half day visiting a park, half day making sure Cal and Trixie have some fun.

After two days in Moab, we’re ready to head to Kanab and on the way, guess what? It snows.

However, we can’t complain too much since we enjoy this view while eating lunch.


This blog post is dedicated to Rootie, one of the two dogs we left behind when we moved aboard FNR. Luckily, both dogs stayed with family. Each daughter took one. Sadly, Rootie went to the Rainbow Bridge today. He was the best dog ever. Rest in peace, sweet Rooter! YMLY!!

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