Perfect Gifts

My mother went into labor during my 3rd birthday party and left to go to the hospital.  My sister was born later that day.  That’s one of those memorable experiences you never forget.

I’ve shared my birthday with my little sister for 51 years.  I hated not having a birthday all to myself for a long time but one day, I got over it.  Now don’t get me wrong.  Birthdays are kind of a big deal to me, because quite frankly, I like presents.  My sister and I don’t exchange birthday presents anymore.  We have what we need and don’t want for much. Even so, I still like getting presents but I like giving presents even more.  I especially enjoy surprising the recipient with an unexpected present.  My sister does, too.

Steve and I are staying in Oriental for the month of October before continuing our trip south.  Excited to participate in one of Susan’s yoga classes again, I am disappointed to learn that the studio is being remodeled and classes have been cancelled for the week.  Oh, well. That means next week’s class will be even more enjoyable.

Susan is at the desk checking folks in when I arrive.  Grinning from ear to ear, she hands me an envelope.  What in the world?  I open it.  A gift certificate for two classes from my sister!  Perfect!  A trifecta, in fact.

  1. Who doesn’t love free stuff?
  2. Susan enjoyed giving me my gift almost as much as I enjoyed getting it.
  3. My sister surprised me with an unexpected gift.

Once set up for class, I start looking around.  The lobby has been redone.  The studio is freshly painted.  There’s new artwork on the walls.  I take a closer look.  Why those are yoga mats hanging on the walls.  Each one beautifully and refreshingly painted.  How unique.  How peaceful.  How zen-like.

After class, I ask Susan about them.  A local artist painted them.  She gives me her card.

I contact Melanie.  Please will you paint a mat for my sister?  She’s the one who introduced me to yoga.  She just started working from home and I think she’d love to have one of your mats hanging in her home office.

Melanie wants to meet me to discuss my vision for the mat.  Vision?  I’m the least artistic person I know.  This should be interesting.

We meet at the local coffee shop. We talk about colors and textures. Are there any particular images I want on the mat?  Why, yes, I think so.  How about a lotus flower and the Om symbol?  We talk a little more and the next thing I know, I’ve commissioned my first artist. How cool is that?

I wasn’t able to give my sister her present until we came home for the holidays. Unexpected?  Yes.  Perfect?  You decide.  If you’re on FB, try hecking it out here.  I think she liked it.

Yoga Mat Art

3 thoughts on “Perfect Gifts”

  1. Ditto, I’m afraid, on the art piece.

    Meanwhile, I think true givers are the most truly gifted among us. My wife is one. But paralyzed as I become with indecision when shopping, I’ve never been one myself. (So if you ever decide to surprise me with a yoga mat, Marci, please make mine the “Um” symbol. Oh, and then teach me yoga.)

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