Sunshine State? What do you mean I can’t anchor there?

We’ve been in Stuart for 10 days. Love the town. The weather? Not so much.

Since we’ve been here, the average high temperature has been 67°.  That’s 7° colder than it’s supposed to be in January. It’s been windy. Two tornadoes have touched down in neighboring towns. We’ve had more than 5” of rain in 10 days with localized flooding. It seems that Florida has forgotten that it’s nicknamed the Sunshine State because there’s been way more clouds than sunshine.

The locals are not in love with this weather either. They can’t apologize enough and are quick to assure us that this is not normal. This is supposed to be the dry season. February will be better. They promise.

I like that about Floridians. They are happy we’re here. They want us to have a good time. They want us to come back. They want us to love Florida as much as they do.

That’s why I don’t understand why the Florida legislature is considering a bill that will ban overnight anchoring in several areas popular with cruising boaters. I’m not politically savvy. I can’t even pretend to understand the political game that is being played here, and I can’t imagine what will happen if the bill passes. Still, I have to wonder how many Floridians are even aware of this bill because I get the impression that Florida needs and enjoys Cruisers as much as Cruisers need and enjoy Florida.


7 thoughts on “Sunshine State? What do you mean I can’t anchor there?”

  1. Is that at Sunset Marina? Alison and I were there a few weeks ago. I was on a boat research trip and convinced her to tag along with me. There are two boats of the model we want at that marina. It’s a 36′ Kadey Krogen Manatee. We can’t wait to get ours!

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    1. We are at Sunset Marina. Got here on January 18 and staying until mid-March. Good luck boat shopping! Once you’ve narrowed it down to the type of boat you want, it’s just a matter of time until you find the perfect one!!
      Keep me posted and let us know if you need us to check out anything while we are here!


      1. We missed you by 2 days! boo hoo! Thanks for the offer of checking out boats. That’s very kind. How long will you be in Stuart? Kenny and I may be there the first week of March.

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