My Captain is Handier than Your Captain

Yes, most captains are handy. They’re either handy or they’re rich because most cruisers can’t afford to not DIY.

Still, I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again. Steve is the handiest man I know. Engine maintenance? Check. Electrical issue? Check. Plumbing? Check. Refrigeration? Check. Carpentry work? Check.

Living with a handy man sure comes in handy and I take Steve’s handiness for granted. If something needs to be done, I just assume Steve will do it. Most times, I’m right but I have learned that if Steve puts off a project, then 1) he’s studying on it or 2) it’s going to be aggravating or 3) both.

“Both” is why Steve put off a project I added to his Honey-Do list back in July.

At one point in time, FNR had a diesel generator on board. When we bought her, the generator was gone but whoever removed it, left the controls in the bulkhead. I wanted the controls removed, because 1) they didn’t control anything anymore and 2) they were unsightly and 3) they were attached to a tangled mess of wires in the cockpit locker that were always in the way.

Those contols gotta go!

It took Steve almost all day to run down all the wires in the cockpit locker and snip the ones that weren’t needed anymore but it took him 6 months to get around to finally patching the holes left in the bulkhead.

And, I thought the controls were unsightly…

Admittedly, Steve attempted to patch the holes a few times but couldn’t find a piece of teak plywood at a reasonable price. After studying on a couple of other approaches, he finally decided to go with teak veneer applied to a very thin piece of plywood.

With his poster board pattern in hand, Steve goes to work. Cutting and sanding plywood with one of those multi-function oscillating tools appears to be aggravating so I go to yoga. By the time I get back, Steve is ready to cut out holes for the electrical outlet and the propane control switch.

M: Want some help with that?

S: Well, unless you want to cut the holes, I am not sure you can help.

M: I don’t want to cut the holes. I want to hold the vacuum while you cut so you don’t get sawdust everywhere.

S (rolling his eyes): Okay. Great. That will be very helpful.

How’s that for some clean hole cutting?

Once the holes are cut, Steve uses contact cement to attach the teak veneer to the plywood and then glues the plywood to the bulkhead with construction adhesive.

Generator controls removed? Check.

What generator controls??

Yes, most captains are handy. I think mine just happens to be the handiest!!


7 thoughts on “My Captain is Handier than Your Captain”

  1. Steve & Marci: Have thought of you so often, wondering what adventures you are both enjoying. Looks like you both have this in hand and enjoying every day. Be safe and will continue to follow your path. Cathy & Dan


    1. Not sure we have everything in hand, learning something almost every day related to living on a boat. The blood clot over Christmas was a real learning experience, back to almost 100%, Marci has me at the gym three times a week and we walk basically every day. Heading back to NC around the middle of the month, probably to New Bern, will try to stop in Wilmington for a visit. We say we are going to slow down going North, we kind of rushed on the way South. Look forward to seeing you both, hope Captain Miller doing?


      1. Didn’t know about the blood clot I am sorry to hear you had that happen but sounds like you’re in good hands with Marci in charge. Let us know if you’re headed this way I’ll try and get you somewhere to dock


    1. Mike: It seems to me that Meander is in quite capable hands and remember what Steve says. The only difference between you and the people who work on boats for a living is experience and when you live on a boat, you’re fixing to get that experience!


    1. Ed: Thanks! We are still in Stuart. Right now, the plan (which is always subject to change) is to stay through mid-March and then start making our way back to NC.

      Hope all is well with you and Dianne!!



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